Assassin’s Orbit by John Appel ePub PDF free download

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Assassin's Orbit by John Appel ePub PDF

Assassin’s Orbit by John Appel ePub PDF free download – Forty years as a private investigator on Ileri Station hadn’t prepared Noo Okereke for the carnage around her. She’d attended to killings before, if rarely, but tonight marked her first mass murder. She was glad to see it only through virtual reality. Her translucent telepresent figure knelt by one of the bodies: a young man she’d known for his entire life. Inside the bloodspattered room, the hovering bot serving as her proxy dropped to the level of her virtual head. She forced herself to examine the holes punched through the young man’s torso—from the front, the detached investigator within her noted.

His head lay facing towards her, eyes still open, face slack. Next to his right hand lay his stunner; he’d managed to draw, at least, before being cut down. Other Constabulary bots ranged about the luxuriously appointed room, cataloging the plentiful evidence. The bots were the only things moving. The people inside— what was left of them—would never move again on their own. Another hoverbot slid into position nearby and Detective Daniel Imoke’s lean shape winked into being beside her own virtual body. “It’s Saed?” he asked. For formality’s sake, she guessed, and the official record; Imoke knew—had known— Saed practically since birth. Only a little less time than she had, really.

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