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Antigone PDF is the tragedy in poetry by the Greek poet Sophocles, predicted to take place in 442 BC, an outstanding work after Edip King, exploited the plot of the theme in the legend of Thebes.

During the war between Acgoxx and Thebes, Antigone ‘s two brothers, Polynices from Acxxx moved, Eteocles in Thebes held a city gate (Thebes has 7 gates) fought each other and was killed. By blood, Creon replaced Eteocles as the ruler of Thebes. The king ordered that no one is buried in Polynices’ body. Mercifully, Antigone asked his younger sister Ismene not to do his own burial rites alone. She was captured by the guards and returned to Creon. He angrily issued sanctions: Confined Antigone into the tomb of her family. The cruel act of Creon has caused his son Haemon and Antigone ‘s fiancédiscontent. He ran out of advice to his father but couldn’t. Old Teiresias, a prophet who came to advise Creon, was also ineffective. Finally, when Creon ordered the release of Antigone it was too late. She strangled herself. Haemon ends his life with his lover’s body with a sword. Eurydice, Haemon’s mother, later learned that the disaster also used suicide swords. The tragedy ends with the recognition of Creon’s mistake and a comment about the power of fate.

Tragedy Antigonedemonstrating the conflict between democratic and humane ideals and authoritarian authoritarianism. Through Antigone’s struggle to carry out the burial of his brother’s body to protect the laws of the gods, which are not written on paper but are respected and immortal by the people, Sophocles reflected the struggle for the victory of the slave-holding democratic state along with its good ideals in the “Périclex era”. Resilient, indomitable personality along with the noble ideal of Antigone affirms the power of man to rise up against the grim hands of fate. Together with Antigone, Haemon is also a man of humanitarian and democratic ideals. He fought with his father for justice, for the sake of reason, for the cause of democracy and humanity rather than for his love for Antigone. Those are “people who need to be like this,” the heroic characters of the tragedy – the hero.

Strict play structure, unified action, sharp dialogue, rich conflict, drama are the highlights of Sophocles’ talent. Heghen considered Antigone a masterpiece of ancient times.

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