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Anima Prime

Calling Sehmat

2018 · 704 KB · 10,286 Downloads· English

Anima Prime combines narrative freedom in character scenes and combat maneuvers with elemental powers, Soulbound Weapons, and the summoning of eidolons to allow you to create your own stories and action scenes rivaling those usually seen in video game cut scenes and anime battles. A flexible goal system lets you infuse any fight with meaningful story decision points and unlimited tactical options.

I very much believe in customizing a game to your likings. The setting and powers provided are just examples, and the game includes guidelines on how to create your own. While I suggest that you start out playing with everything that’s provided in this game, I think sooner or later you’ll feel the itch to make it your own, and I hope I’ve provided enough guidance to make that an easy task.

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