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Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None PDF

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Detective is one of the topics that easily spawns “last minute” stories. And There There Were None PDF by writer Agatha Christie is a classic for that. Set in an isolated island and group of 10 people, Agatha Christie unleashed a lot of mysterious and horror situations to gradually lead viewers from one surprise to another. To the end, the story ends with an unexpected truth.

Ten people discovered that they had been tricked into going to “pay” for the “crime” that they committed, with 10 small statues on the living room table. The following days, one after another, died one after another similar to the rhetoric in the room each had described. What is even more strange is that after one person died, the number of statues in the living room somehow decreased by one. The first person to die was Anthony Marston, who died of poisoning with symptoms similar to choking. After Marston was Ethel Rogers, the housekeeper died when her husband discovered she died from an overdose of sleeping pills. General Macarthur seemed to sense that death would come and stopped eating, staring at the sea and babbling alone, Dr. Armstrong later discovered he had died from a hard object hitting the back of his head. The fourth person killed was Thomas Rogers, while chopping wood to prepare for breakfast, Thomas seemed to have slipped his hand and sent the hammer’s tongue straight to his head. A man who always believed that he did nothing contrary to faith, that others died because of God’s punishment, but Emily Brent could not survive, she was injected with poison in her neck after lunch, the injection site. on her neck is similar to a bee sting. That evening, it was Wargrave’s turn to be discovered by Dr. Armstrong who was killed by a shot in the head while wearing the judge’s wig. The doctor himself was discovered the next day by the rest of the group who drowned at the cliff. Blore was the eighth person killed on the island, the private detective was hit by the statue in Miss Vera Claythorne’s room while the other two were off the coast by Dr. Armstrong’s body. Falling into a state of panic, Claythorne deceived Lombard’s gun and killed the former mercenary. Finally she returned to her room and hanged herself to death with a chair and lasso set up by someone else … This was a case without the presence or trace of the culprit.

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