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An Unquiet Mind

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An Unquiet Mind, which is more than 300 pages thick, is a book about science but not dry, emotional. As both a patient and a psychiatrist, the author confided about the sufferings of mania and depression, but thanks to his will and the help of his colleagues, I have understood that this disease is like a “fierce beast”, it is both an enemy and a companion. If you want to tame it, you have to master it, which is understanding your mental state to control your treatment well.

I have read and reread that book because it is both a literary work and a scientific document about mental illness, my work. To me, the book is very good and thanks to her also my patient who gave me a valuable book. I would also like to thank the News Agency and its translators for providing a useful book for people working in the field of psychiatry and people with mental illness, an area with much social inferiority and There may be dangers from people who do not control their behavior.

Sunday, weekend, it rains. Seeing me thoughtfully, the girl asked, “What do you think?”. I didn’t answer and she asked, “Can you play me a song?” What music do you like? ”. “Let me hear Mozart’s Moonlight sonata, I love listening to it now!” Maybe I want my soul to be quiet for the moment.

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