An Introduction to the Psychology of Humor ePub PDF download

Book Name: An Introduction to the Psychology of Humor
Author: Janet Gibson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN-10: 0367029049,9780367029043
Year: 2019
Pages: 262
Language: English
File size: 1o MB
File format: PDF

An Introduction to the Psychology of Humor gives a thorough and accessible overview of psychologists’ research on comedy. Drawing on research from a number of psychological perspectives, from biological and cognitive to developmental and social, the publication explores factors which influence our discovery, understanding, liking, and utilization of comedy.

Through the publication, theories and paradigms of comedy have been researched, with each chapter devoted to another area of emotional research. Covering topics such as comedy development in children and elderly adults, comedy’s effectiveness in ads, cross-cultural psychology and comedy’s roles at work, the publication addresses the challenges psychologists face in discovering and analyzing comedy despite being a worldwide and frequently daily encounter. With a wealth of student-friendly attributes, including learning goals and classroom tasks, An Introduction to the Psychology of Humor is a vital read for all pupils of comedy.


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