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All Quiet on the Western Front PDF

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All Quiet on the Western Front PDF is the story of Paul Bäumer, a young German soldier, who volunteered for the army because Căntôrec, his professor, persuaded the whole class to join the army to make Germany glorious. After a period of time hard training under the command of Himmenxtôt, a station man, Baomom and his comrades to the front, Although drawn in the school with splendid images of heroes, Paul Bäumer quickly realized that trenches were full. The blood of the Western Front is a bog of suffering and death. As soon as the first artillery shells exploded in the mud, Paul Bäumer and his friends saw that all those who stayed at home were lying: the war. The painting is not a glorious chance, the war does not make the boys mature but it destroys one systematically all healthy and polite people all of Baum’s friends died, injured, or deserted.Paul Bäumer began to wonder about his life and wondered if he could survive the war or even if he could live in a world without war.

Throughout the story, Remarque often uses the word “we” to indicate teamwork – the most precious thing that war creates. The soldiers had spent moments close to death together so they stick together, sharing with each other everything they have. “ We do not talk much, but we take care of each other little by little, more thoughtful than lovers. We are two human beings, two small bonfires of life, and out there, the darkness of the night is the siege of death. ”

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