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All I've Wanted All I've Needed ePub PDF

All I’ve Wanted All I’ve Needed ePub PDF free download – “Don’t you ever feel like we’re just settling, Hendrix? As though we’re together because we’re comfortable, not because we’re in love with one another?” My eyes still haven’t met his. I didn’t want to have to sift through this with him tonight. I hadn’t expected him to propose to me. I for damn sure didn’t expect him to do it in a public place. Still not letting go of my hand, he asks, “Are you saying you’re no longer in love with me?” “I love you, I do, but I can’t say yes to your proposal knowing that I feel like something is missing from our relationship. I feel like we’re together because it’s what’s expected of us, and not because we want to be together.

You’re my best friend and…” He grabs both of my hands and looks into my eyes as if the version of me he fell in love with will reappear. “We can hold off on the engagement if that’s what you want but please, please don’t ruin us.” A tear rolls down my cheek. He gently brushes it away. There’s nothing wrong with Hendrix; he’s an amazing boyfriend. But we’ve always felt more like friends than a couple. I’m unsure if he feels it too and doesn’t want to let go of the comfort, or if he truly is oblivious. Or perhaps, he really is in love with me, and I never fell for him.

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