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Aliens Adventure Game

Aliens Adventure Game

Aliens Adventure Game is a complete role-playing system. It includes all the rules necessary for recreating the kind of action shown in the movie, as well as guidelines that will take the players to meet challenges on dozens of strange new worlds. The time of aliens is one of great adventure and great change. The nations of Earth have lost much of their power, and multi-national and multistellar Corporations have replaced them as the rulers of Humanity. Although large-scale warfare has been avoided, there is constant strife among the Corporations and Nations, and with the many Colonies that have been established. In the midst of the chaos, the Colonial Marine Corps stands as Humanity’s peacekeeping force, moving among the stars and trying to keep Humanity safe from itself, and from the dangers of space. And now, on a minor world, the greatest danger of all has been awakened; the Aliens. And unless the Colonial Marines can defeat the greed and power of the most unscrupulous Corporations of all, the Aliens will destroy Humanity. The rules and the setting are laid out in eight Chapters, each of which is divided into Sections. This layout makes it easy for players to find specific rules when necessary. The tables used when playing the game are presented in the text. For ease of reference, the most important tables are also repeated at the back of the book and are numbered; the number appears in parentheses whenever the table is referred to in the rules. At least three six-sided dice and one or more ten-sided dice (available in hobby stores) are needed for play. The ten-sided die is usually used to generate numbers from 0 to 99. To do this, roll the die twice; the first roll is the tens digit, and the second represents the ones. So a roll of 6 and 2 would be 62, and a 4 and 9 would be 49.

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