After the Ink Dries by Cassie Gustafson ePub PDF download

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After the Ink Dries by Cassie Gustafson ePub PDF

After the Ink Dries by Cassie Gustafson ePub PDF free download – A groan escapes me as I lie here, overheating in my own sweat. Then the nausea hits. Not a wave, like some people would describe. This is a semitruck of vomit hurtling downhill, brake lines cut. I try to peel my eyelids apart, but my lashes feel glued together. Unease scratches at me. Something about… The party. What happened last night? With me, with Thomas? I don’t even remember making it back to Caylee’s house. Actually, I don’t remember much past… what, the reworks? Yeah, there were denitely reworks in Zac’s backyard. Thomas and me. A bonre. Did we… kiss again? Pressing my palms to my eyes, I try to force answers, but the eort drives splinters through my brain. I ip the pillow over and ease my cheek against its cool side. God, why did I drink so much? I can only hope Caylee didn’t have to take care of me. Or worse— Thomas. What did I do? I sigh. Caylee. She’ll have aspirin and answers. When I drag my eyes open, I expect to see the purple walls of Caylee’s room. But the gray walls that surround me are a slap in the face.

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