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Book Name: Adaptive Sports Medicine: A Clinical Guide 1st Edition
Author: Arthur Jason De Luigi (Editor)
Publisher: Springer
ISBN-10: 978-3319565668,9783319565668
Year: 2017
Pages: 402
Language: English
File size: 20 MB
File format: PDF

This first of its type text gives an extensive demonstration and overview of the exceptional areas of elastic sports medicine and elastic athletes, that are active and notable, not just independently and in local leagues and associations but also in larger settings such as the Paralympics. Divided into thematic sections, part one covers the background and natural path of their care, laws and policies which were developed over the years for individuals with disabilities, in addition to the biomechanics and technologies of wheelchair sports and elastic sports prostheses. The healthcare considerations of this elastic athlete include a part two, such as trauma epidemiology, emergent care, and surgical and rehabilitative factors. Part three, undoubtedly the most extensive segment, discusses particular wheelchair and adaptive sports, such as flexible jogging, biking, water sports and throwing sports, wheelchair basketball, softball and rugby, in addition to adaptive combative and intense sports. Selected topics, such as event planning, advocacy and controversies like doping, are coated in a part four.A comprehensive yet functional text, Adaptive Sports Medicine is a go-to source and will be an invaluable reference for any sports medicine or main medication practitioner working together with this Exceptional population


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