The 5 best Accounting Software for Small Business

In business, most businesses need a professional accounting method. Accurate accounting is a job that helps facilitate other business activities. Businesses can hire accounting personnel, but it will cost more. The most optimal solution today is to use professional and fast accounting software. Below is the 5 best free accounting software for small business:


GnuCash is financial accounting software for small businesses or individuals. With a simple yet powerful and very flexible interface, the software allows you to track your bank accounts, stocks, income, expenses…


Although it is introduced as a financial accounting software for individuals and small businesses, GnuCash offers a variety of features suitable for even large businesses with large amounts of financial transactions. The software features include key features such as dual entry, financial report creation, advanced features such as stock tracking, receiving stock quotes, and besides, saving features. store and convert data.

The main features of GnuCash

  • Dual entry.
  • Ledger in the form of a checkbook.
  • Schedule future transactions.
  • Reporting and visualization graphs.
  • Account reconciliation report.
  • Classify income and expense accounts separately.
  • Small business accountant-specific features.
  • Using the multi-currency system.
  • Fund portfolio or securities investment.
  • Online securities or investment fund quotes.
  • Database support test.
  • Supports importing QIF and OFX files.
  • Easy transaction search.
  • Support HBCI.
  • Detailed instructions for use.

Xero – the best paid accounting software for small business

Xero is a very handy online accounting software that any business looking for a quick and simple solution to perform their accounting operations can choose.


As an accounting software with all the time saving tools and all you need to grow your business, Xero allows to operate with an unlimited number of users, support 24/7 answers, not to mention the information security you can count on.

Features of Xero

Send an invoice

Online payments help make payments faster, Xero helps solve many businesses’ concerns about cash flow, improves cash flow, and quickly gets money back when businesses send invoices. When sending online invoices to your customers, you can also know when they open them.

Connect with phone

Xero mobile application will help manage your business much more convenient as businesses can compare balances, send invoices or negotiate expense claims with customers anywhere. with just an iPhone, iPad or the Xero app on Android.

Inventory management

The inventory management feature in Xero helps businesses track inventory value and improves inventory control. Adding inventory items reduces manual data entry and increases inventory speed. make quotes and invoices, while keeping track of sales more closely.

Many currencies

Xero allows sending invoices, collating account balances and receiving payments in over 160 currencies. The updated exchange rate every hour helps businesses quickly know the exact profit or loss due to the impact of the exchange rate on their cash flow right after creating an invoice or comparing the bank account balance.

Attach files

With Xero, users can quickly attach files just by drag and drop. The feature of emailing documents straight to the Files inbox on Xero is very convenient when you want to forward bills you receive from the supplier.

Create a purchase order

The easy-to-see interface allows you to quickly find out what orders you have ordered from your supplier, price range, and when and where to ship. Businesses can also save time by copying purchase orders into invoices (or partial payments), to other similar purchase invoices.

Pay the bill

Xero helps you control your cash flow by scheduling supplier payments. A diagram that provides information on bills to be paid will help businesses decide which bills to pay in advance as well as when they are reasonable. Vendor may also bill directly to your account.

Security capabilities

With many layers of firewalls and intrusion prevention systems updated on a regular basis, the sources of access from outside to Xero’s servers are tightly controlled. The security system is also evaluated by independent experts, providing a solid and reliable confirmation of the security of the software. With Xero, accounting data is not stored on the user’s computer, so even if your computer, laptop or tablet is lost, your data remains.

FreshBooks Cloud Accounting

FreshBooks is an online application with many useful features that provides a simple and fast accounting solution for small businesses.

Convenience and speed are essential to small businesses’ operations. Instead of having to work with a computer to perform your accounting operations, FreshBooks offers you a simple way to access the accounting system by phone or tablet. With many features to help save users time, FreshBooks is a perfect choice for businesses that want to maximize their productivity.

FreshBooks Cloud Accounting

As a simple and intuitive accounting software based on cloud computing platform, businesses can easily access from any device. No need to download or install, just provide a business name and email address, password, users can use FreshBooks. FreshBooks allows for many accounting operations such as creating and sending invoices, estimating, tracking and organizing expenses, viewing and editing customer information, managing projects, preparing reports and more.

Intuit QuickBooks

Quickbooks Accounting is the world’s No. 1 software for accounting solutions, business administration for businesses and non-governmental organizations. Founded in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx based in Mountain View, California, USA. After the success of Quicken – a personal finance management software, Intuit researched and provided a similar financial management solution for SME owners.

Intuit QuickBooks

With the preeminent features, diverse approach, easy-to-understand interface, you can also set up the accounting system by yourself to suit the management requirements and the nature or type of business production. enterprise. With the continuous innovation and development of software modules, it is growing stronger and becoming the best selling accounting software and having the most number of users in the world.

One of the main reasons Intuit’s products, in particular, QuickBooks stand out from its contemporaries, lies in its ease of use and excellent design(Design for Delight). QuickBooks is popular as it can be used for cloud-based accounting using Hosted Desktop. Learn more about QuickBooks Accountant Hosting.

Wave Accounting[Free]

Wave Accounting is a 100% free accounting software for small businesses. Wave Accounting is used by more than 2 million people worldwide. It is designed for professionals, collaborators, contractors and other small business owners.

Wave Accounting

The main features of Wave Accounting

  • Billing professionally, use stunning personal templates, with your own logo, and easily share them with your clients.
  • Directly connect Wave Accounting with users’ online banking and online credit cards to automatically import transactions.
  • Stop collecting paper receipts by using Wave Accounting’s free-of-charge scanning engine to automatically enter information.
  • Easily separate business and personal consumption from the personal finance tool integrated into the software.
  • Invite business partners or advisors to collaborate with you in real time on your Wave Accounting account.
  • Create financial accounting reports and provide the knowledge needed to make important business decisions.

The above is the 5 best accounting software for small business, hope you can choose the best software for your business.

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