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A Wizard of Earthsea

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You will hardly imagine the A Wizard of Earthsea was written 40 years ago, because the problems do not seem to have been eroded by time. It is hard for anyone who read Harry Potter to stay indifferent to a book that critics say inspired J.K.Rowling to write a wonderful story about the little witch in glasses.

From a young age, Duny grew up like many other children in the village. Given a name by the mother, the career-oriented father became a smithy smith. The boy lost his mother at a young age and grew up like a well-grown, wild grass; His lesson in the smithy is a lot of slaps and whips from his father. But Duny did not pay attention to that lead, he found joy in wandering into the deep woods, swimming over fast flowing rivers, climbing over vertical cliffs… It always seemed like something beckoned, subconsciously urge you.

With the ability of a natural mage, Duny was quickly discovered by her aunt, who was a witch in the village, and taught her first lessons of magic. After the feat of creating a mist that drove the enemies to suppress the villagers, Duny was sought after by the Silent Ogion. He received one of his real names – Ged. And the small village, the forge and the hot-tempered father couldn’t keep that little witch…

Ged’s time on Roke Island is part of a charismatic appeal to young readers. Simply because Roke Island is the magic school. Here, the entrance to the school is made of a Dragon Lord’s tooth that is not easily open to anyone. Here, Ged dedicates all his will to lessons, spells, history and skills with Mr. Chin; study poems about wisdom with the poet Master; learn how to control wind and weather with teacher Phong Vu; learn the properties and effects of all types of plants through Master Herbalist; Learn simple transformations from a magician… And one of the magicians’ secret, the hardest lesson – a life-long lesson, is to learn the names of things around you… Become a real mage it is an arduous journey for the witch boys. And because of that, the story of the scar-faced magician is even more convincing to readers.

Rated as one of the most popular fantasy novels of all time, The Wizard of the Mediterranean has been compared to J.R.R.’s Middle-Earth. Tolkien or Narnia of C.S.Lewis. What gives the book a lasting vitality over time, in addition to the exciting adventures, are the lessons to empower you on the path of life. It is a gluey friendship between Vetch and Ged, who are ready for each other to go to the most dangerous places. As teachers like the General Mage who did not take care of their lives to save the lives of their students. As the lesson you will learn from this book, that the best solution to any problem is to face it. Is the question you need to answer about life, death, strength and responsibility…

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