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Summary of the short story “A Rose for Emily PDF”: Emily was born in the prestigious Grierson family in the town of Jefferson. She was 30 years old and still unmarried because all the boys who came home were chased by her father when her father died he left her with the property of the house, from which she lived in poverty.

In the summer after her father’s death, everyone in Jefferson saw her traveling with Homer Baron – a tall, black North American foreman who came to Jefferson town to make way. Some were happy for her, some were poor. One day they saw her going to buy poison, everyone thought she would kill herself, but soon they saw her shopping for wedding furniture, thinking that she and that North American guy would get married. But when the road is done, Homer Baron disappears, and the townspeople think he is about to get married. The last time anyone saw him was in the evening, the servant let him in from the kitchen entrance.

From then on, people would see Emily sometimes and see her sitting by the window, the only one coming in and out of the house was the servant. Then the people around there were annoyed by the stench coming from her house, they thought that the servant didn’t clean the house clean, or that there was some rat the servant killed. Yard. four men in the neighborhood decided to sneak into her house sprinkled with lime to reduce the stench when they sprinkled lime they saw Emily sitting silently inside the door like a statue and so they quietly leave.

Her hair is now iron-gray, everyone feels sorry for her. Sometimes they would see her again from the corner of the first-floor window, like a statue in a niche, the door of her house would be closed forever.

Then Emily fell ill and disappeared in the dusty and dark house with only the old black man crouched next to the servants. The old man opened the door for everyone to visit and then sneaked out the back door. No one saw the old man anymore. Emily died, the whole town attended her funeral, they laid flowers beside her. Men are as transparent as witnessing a monument collapse, women are curious, curious about the house. When Miss Emily was beautiful and quiet, everyone discovered a room upstairs where 40 years ago was not known, the dust room covered and covered with it was the smell of death. This room is decorated for the bride and groom, everyone saw Homer Baron now he is just a rotting corpse in pajamas, can not separate from the bed. The pillow next to him had the dented head of the person who lay.

As we know, Faulkner was born into a Southern aristocratic family characterized by patterns and devotion to God and Puritan. Puritanism strongly influenced the way of life of the Southern nobles. But by Faulkner’s time, America with the industrial revolution changed everything, and as a result, the First World War upset the order of values. The civil war (1861–1865), which changed the customs and lifestyles of the people of the southern United States, the aristocratic families were still nostalgic for their splendor and the character Emily was typical. The short story “Rose for Emily” is told through the narrator’s point of view in the first person: the “we” character.

Emily was a pre-war person, always holding on to the family’s golden past. Living amid the turbulent changes of modern times, Emily still lives in the guise of the past. The whole work is the story of the past, the brief moment in this short story is after the death of Emily’s entire life has been revealed. She has used all means to keep the lineage’s past and resist the change of the present, although the taxpayers she still refused on the pretext that the family line I am exempt from tax because I have merit and up to the present. “You have won against their uncle,” as a result of Emily’s current resistance to the situation, it can be said that she carries a power that makes people shy, all of her power is a precious tradition. race, as the honor of the family in the past, it all goes to Emily.

As time went by, everything changed except for Emily’s house, Emily buried herself in the house for the rest of her life, and while society changed, the scenery in Jefferson changed over time. Emily’s house was still standing and standing proudly, but still, there was Emily’s house still arrogantly rising with a decaying figure, amidst the wagon of cotton wagons and ice-paint stations, such an eyesore among another eyesore ”. Between the neighborhood and so many changes it still refused to move. “ This is a big square wooden building, once painted white. That building with a curved roof, with sharp Spiers, and balconies wrapped around the elegant architecture of the 70s, is located in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the other country.”; it is also Emily’s nature that she does not change before all the circumstances of society, she clings to the past living in the past to find comfort for herself. “She held onto the old and decided to keep it right. just like the old days because the old was the source of all her actions and life, if she lost the old one, all Emily’s arrogance about her family’s past would be lost, and then her power also lost. It was a tragedy of the character, she was unfamiliar with modern life, not catching up with its fast-changing rhythm so Emily became a lost, handicapped character, only the old was thought. her and her house so she can live. However, the fragile past that cannot be fought against the present is the masses, which pushes the character’s tragedy to the climax. First, she didn’t want to believe her father was dead, Because her father is proof of the past, losing his means the past will also be lost. Second, she ignored Colonel Satoris’s death for ten years and kept the colonel’s order that her family did not pay taxes. She dismissed the request of the authorities and kept a past order of a person who has gone into the past. The most important thing is that with love she also made it into the past. Emily poisoned her lover in order to keep her love intact, she kept the body with her and lived with the dead which partly showed the character’s powerlessness when she realized that the old one was now very close to death. The golden past of the old days could not exist with the modern that is growing strongly. Emily kept the body of her lover, hugged and so on living with death, that also means she is almost dead.

The work “A Rose for Emily PDF” with the past that was supposed to be retained is trapped. The old is ironically criticized by the present people but through which we see the torment in the way of seeing and behaving between the old and the new. Faulkner belongs to the intergenerational generation between the old and the new, between the outdated values ​​but it has become flesh and blood, unconscious in the author. He was not against the new but was tormented by these values ​​that have been crushed by industrial society. Faulkner’s plot and plot fits well with the mood of postwar people. Faulkner weaves the theme of the 20th-century man’s alienation and loneliness with the theme of Southern America (the consequences of slavery, white, black relations.

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