A Python Data Analyst’s Toolkit PDF free download

Details about A Python Data Analyst’s Toolkit: Learn Python And Python-based Libraries With Applications In Data Analysis And Statistics

409 Pages – 2021 – 7.9 MB – 75421 Downloads – English

A Python Data Analyst’s Toolkit PDF

A Python Data Analyst’s Toolkit PDF free download – The book helps readers learn three important topics from scratch – the Python programming language, data analysis, and statistics. It is a self-contained introduction for anybody looking to start their journey with data analysis using Python, as it focuses not just on theory and concepts but on practical applications and retention of concepts. This book is meant for anybody interested in learning Python and Python-based libraries like Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, and Matplotlib for descriptive data analysis, visualization, and statistics. The broad categories of skills that readers learn from this book include programming skills, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills.

The book is broadly divided into three parts – programming with Python, data analysis and visualization, and statistics. The first part of the book comprises three chapters. It starts with an introduction to Python – the syntax, functions, conditional statements, data types, and different types of containers. Subsequently, we deal with advanced concepts like regular expressions, handling of files, and solving mathematical problems with Python. Python is covered in detail before moving on to data analysis to ensure that the readers are comfortable with the programming language before they learn how to use it for purposes of data analysis.

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