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More than 200 years ago, Swift, a well-known Irish satire writer, wrote an article titled A Modest Proposal PDF. He advised the poor in Ireland to sell their first-year-old children to the rich, and the rich can make their children a good meal. This has many benefits: first, the poor can earn income and change poverty; second, the rich have sufficient sources of meat Third, the reduction of population in society can solve the problem of food shortage. To be honest, after seeing this suggestion, I really lamented the wisdom of the great writer. A moderate proposal can solve many social problems such as overpopulation, the gap between the rich and the poor, food shortages, and environmental pollution, and the proposal from two hundred years ago still applies today. I don’t know if he’s such a good proposal was adopted at that time because after all, people’s ideas and concepts were rotten and backward two hundred years ago. But today, more than 200 years later, this proposal “seems” to have been implemented. It is said that fetal dishes are made in restaurants in Guangdong. I just heard that if someone in Guangdong sees this article and finds that the situation is not true, you can correct me, but I still refer to this suggestion again and again. Good suggestions should be mentioned often, otherwise Just like a star, if you do not show up in the media for a long time, you will be forgotten.

Although I dream of becoming a writer and can provide good opinions for the development of society, so far I have written only a handful of articles, which are second to none for a second- and third-rate writers, let alone compare with Swift. So the following words can be called “outspoken”.

I felt that I had seen A Modest Proposal, so I suddenly wanted to make a contribution to the crisis-ridden world, so I imitated the big writer and also made a few suggestions. If it can be adopted, I will be ecstatic.

Due to the huge gap between the rich and the poor in China, leading to many social problems, money worship is particularly prominent, so sugar daddy is now the ultimate goal of women. In order to completely eliminate this bad social ethos, I thought of a good way to encourage the rich to take the poor, so as to reach the average of the two properties and solve the problem of the gap between the rich and the poor. Rich men take moneyless women, rich women take moneyless men. This reduces the pressure on people’s lives in the society, and naked marriage, ant tribe, snail house, and other phenomena can all be resolved, sitting in the BMW and crying Women will no longer exist. Chinese traditional door-to-door thinking must be completely eliminated, otherwise rich and rich are combined. According to the economic law, the rich are not the second power, but the N power and the combination of the poor and the poor are also the poor N power. The wealth gap has expanded to the original @ * N times, this number can be imagined.

At the same time as solving the main problems, some other problems were also incidentally solved, such as the overall cultural level of the people and political awareness. Although the total amount of money has not changed due to the combination of poverty and wealth, the immaterial level can be greatly improved. Let’s take culture as an example. A wealthy person must be well-informed. He must know such famous brands as lV and Chanel. Under the influence of rich people, those who have no money will slowly come into contact with them and understand and then consume. The benefits are obvious and increased consumption. Because the consumption of essential goods is fixed, a person eats three meals a day, rice steamed buns can only eat so much, but high-end consumer goods are not the same, one more rich person will have one more market. Therefore, the total consumption capacity of society has increased. Increasing consumption will also increase employment and so on.

The implementation of this proposal needs to summarize the family status of all those who meet the marriage conditions, classify them, and then make them public to facilitate everyone’s choice. So I propose that from now on, those who meet the conditions can register for information, and after everyone has registered, they can choose who to marry. Respond positively to the call. This is the pace of the times. Keep up with it.

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