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A Midsummer Night’s Dream was written around 1595-1596 and first printed in 1600. The plot was entirely created by Shakespeare, but some of their characters and love stories were drawn from the ancient book Hy. Greece and Rome (Thidrox and Hiplita from Plutac, Pyromxx and Thidobbi from Ovit) and Pac, the rebellious guy and the world of the pants of Obeson and Titania are from English folklore.

Revolving around the passionate love story of the couple, Laixan and Hecmi, Đimitrix and Hêlen, the play leads the reader into a fantasy summer atmosphere with the appearance of a fairy in the mysterious forest.

In order to fight for happiness, Hecmi and Laixadde quit the city and fled into the forest. Dimitrix and Hylene, for love is chasing you here.

This is the fantasy world of the elves, with Marshal Obera and the Titania queen, Paco joking around and messy fairies. In this place, all rules and laws are meaningless. Only magic exists.

By the end of the play, the delusion is clear, the lovers return to each other, the summer night has become a wonderful night, the love is sublimated.

Attorney Aten, who was always awake during the Summer Night’s Dream, compared and put together “lovers”, “crazy people” and … “poets” together. They are all “crazy” people, “full of imagination”, “capturing things that cold minds will never understand”.

Shakespeare with the play The Midsummer Night’s Dream asserts: “love has no rules but its own law.” Love does not take place normally, is not easily hindered by social class differences, age, or war…

More than 200 years after Shakespeare, Emily Brontë wrote a work of devotion to love using a violent literary system but also imbued with poetry.

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