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A Fire Upon the Deep – Vernor Vinge

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A Fire Upon the Deep – A singleton star, ruddy and faint. A ragtag of space rocks, and a solitary planet, more like a moon. In this time the star hung close to the galactic plane, just past the Beyond. The designs on a superficial level were gone from typical view, pummeled into regolith across a range of ages. The fortune was far underground, underneath an organization of sections, in a solitary room loaded up with dark. Data at the quantum thickness, intact. Perhaps five billion years had passed since the document was lost to the nets. The scourge of the mummy’s burial place, a comic picture from humanity’s own ancient times, lost before time. They had snickered when they said it, chuckled with bliss at the fortune … also, resolved to be mindful nevertheless. They would live here a year or five, the little organization from Straum, the paleontologist developers, their families and schools. A year or five would be sufficient to handmake the conventions, to skim the top and recognize the fortune’s cause in existence, to become familiar with a mystery or two that would make Straumli Realm rich. Furthermore, when they were done, they would sell the area; maybe fabricate an organization connect (yet chancier that – this was past the Beyond; who understood what Power may snatch what they’d found).

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