A Duet for Home – Karina Yan Glaser ePub PDF download

A Duet for Home – Karina Yan Glaser

257 Pages – 2022 – 3.8 MB – 4874 Downloads – English

A Duet for Home - Karina Yan Glaser ePub PDF

CAN BAD LUCK FOLLOW A PERSON FOREVER? June Yang had always believed there was a cosmic distribution of fortune by which everyone had equal amounts of good and bad luck in their lives. But here June was, miles away from home, standing in front of a drab, used-to-be-white building with her viola strapped to her back and a black garbage bag next to her filled with everything she owned in the whole world. Her theory about luck must be wrong, because it seemed as if she had had enough bad luck for two lifetimes. “What is this place?” asked Maybelle, her little sister. June didn’t answer. She stared up at the building. The entrance had a crooked sign nailed over the entrance that said HUEY HOUSE.

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