6 Great Books to Read before Studying Abroad

We go through different experiences as we prepare to travel abroad. You may wonder what kind of people you will likely meet abroad. You are not sure if they are hostile or friendly and if you will get your favorite meal or hairdresser.

6 Great Books to Read before Studying Abroad

Everything aboard can be different from your home and the experiences can be better than your home too. There are many books you can read to prepare yourself to face a new life abroad.

How to Become a Straight-A Student by Cal Newport

How to Become A straight-A Student is an encouraging book and tells students the most important secret to achieve the best grades in college is not to study hard but to study smart. Cal says that it is important to also enjoy your time in college and balance between study and free time. 

If the student fails to balance their study time, they can easily procrastinate. The book helps students on the best ways to grasp each lesson and surprise their professors with straight A’s. In the book, Cal argues that all that students need to do is master the techniques to become incredible students.

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The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton

Alain is a modern philosopher and he compassionately discusses why people have a deeper desire to explore new horizons. Alain uses a very interesting narrative to explain that despite our excitement to discover new places and enjoy the comfort they can offer, sometimes we get the opposite and feel disappointed. 

This book will help you understand that you will not always get positive results you are excited about as you prepare to travel abroad. You must be prepared for the opposite too. 

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

Jean Rhys is British and was born in Dominica. Jean’s story is about a white Creole woman who was bought by an Englishman for a wife. The man was too greedy and he imprisoned her in his home.

Her stories are about how oppressive the British were, especially to the Creole women and how racial inequality thrived in those days.

The book can help you know the racial differences you might encounter abroad and how you can overcome them. The book is relatable in today’s racial and cultural differences, which can sometimes be hostile.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl tells about a woman who recently went through the pains of divorce. Her pains were worsened by the death of her mother. When she could not bear it anymore, she set out on a journey, hoping to run away from the pain. 

The woman went alone to the Pacific Crest and surprisingly, although she was mad at everything and everyone, she found consolation and healing in her journey.   

Losing North by Nancy Huston

Nancy is a Canadian who moved to America and became American. Again, she turned French as she searched for happiness. Currently, she cannot tell if she is Canadian, American or French. 

This book discusses in different essays how one is identified by their language abroad and how easy it is to lose the mother language and adopt a new language in the place you travel abroad. 

Everything Matters by Ron Currie Jr.

The book discusses a matter that can keep the reader thinking. Someone is born and right from the time of birth, they know a comet will destroy the earth before they die and the matter is only known to them. 

To the student traveling abroad, it is only known to them what to do about their relationships back home and the new relationships they will build abroad. The book is a must-read. 


Most of the time, we hope for the best in terms of better life and enjoyment when traveling abroad. It is not surprising that there are chances that we can experience 100% opposite to what we expected. We must be prepared for the good and bad sides before we begin our journey to study abroad. We must learn about new cultures, climatic differences, discoveries and be prepared to face each with a positive mind. 

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