5 Creative Ways To Use Sound Effects In Your Video Or Movie Projects

Ever seen a great movie and walked away thinking boy that was good?

Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan’s movies come to mind when we talk about subjects like sound design. The Dark Knight, Inception, and Tenet are some of the masterpieces that instantly come to mind.

Filmmakers use sound design and audio effects in multiple ways. From giving us a realistic portrait in a scene to conveying strong and gripping emotions, thrill, or suspense.

In this article, we look at five creative ways to use sound effects in your video and movie projects. However, before we begin, let us first look at some major elements of sound design.

Major Elements of Sound Design you should be aware of

According to a leading platform that helps with sound effects, the following are the major elements of sound design-

    • Ambiance- In very simple words, the ambiance is the background noise that helps impart a sense of being real. Everything from birds chirping when actors are walking in a park to the sound of footsteps to convey a desolate subway, all these are ambiance sounds.
    • Foley Sounds- Imagine a scene where the protagonist is walking away. You can hear a gentle swish note of his clothes as he walks. Expert’s term this as foley sounds and are used to convey an individual’s emotions and intention.
    • Special Effects Sound- If you have seen Gravity, the Sandra Bullock starrer, you would know how there is no sound in space. However, here too the filmmakers have used sound to convey real meaning, emotions, and effects.
  • Voice Overs- For the longest time, voice-overs have been used to talk directly to the audiences as a form of a medium to convey the emotions, sentiments, and feelings of the actors and the story to the viewers. They continue to be very popular in movies.

List of 5 Creative Ways to use Sound Effects in your Video or Movie Projects

  1. To Present Realism

As moviemakers, we try to create as realistic a world as possible in terms of real locations, lighting, and actors. However, the sound effects must be realistic enough to complement the surroundings as well. Everything from the noise of honking cars in a busy street to the sounds of utensils in a restaurant, everything helps in creating an environment.

  1. To Symbolize Transitions

How are you going to convey to the viewers that a specific part of the video is like a watershed moment? Yes, the actors will do what they do best, act. However, you need to support the transition in the script with the right sound effects. This will help reinforce the belief in the senses of the viewers that a shift or change is about to come.

  1. Add to the Storytelling

There is a reason why the best filmmakers of our times value and emphasize the role played by sound designers and engineers. From M Night Shyamalan to Christopher Nolan, the best storytellers use sound effects to create a compelling and gripping narrative. If done right, sound effects can play a role similar to that of an actor on screen in terms of its importance.

  1. Creates a Thematic Understanding

One small knock on the door does not convey danger. However, frantic thumping with a high audible can mean something dangerous and coveys a panic. This can immediately shift the themes that flow through a story and prepare the audiences for the next growth in the story. Horror movies play this car well in creating a sinister aura through sound effects.

  1. Sets the Tone for the Movie

A lot can be stated and termed about a movie by the way the sound effects work. In other words, you can make out what is a comedy movie by simply listening to the sound effects. The same goes for a thriller or murder mystery. Music and sound play a major role in setting the tone of the movie and getting the viewers into a specific frame of mind.

The Final Word

If you are a budding filmmaker and want to create the best sound set-up, you need to do a lot of research into effects, designs, and engineering that can help play the perfect foil to your video story.

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