5 Best New Career Development eBooks To Read

Whether you are starting in your career or a seasoned veteran, we can all agree that a career is much more than just a job. For this reason, it would help to stop once in a while to get a fresh perspective. 

From speakers to classes and conferences, there are a ton of ways that you can use to redesign your career. However, one method you should strongly consider following is grabbing one of the following successful career development books. 

Whether you are looking to start afresh or are simply looking for a new challenge, any one of these five books could inspire you. Without further ado, here are 5 of the best career development eBooks to read. 

StrengthsFinder 2.0

This book by Tom Rath will completely change the way you approach or view your job. You may think you have already figured your occupation out. However, have you given thought to what your strengths are?

As a matter of fact, the book even starts by telling you to stop doing things you don’t have a talent for and replace it with things that come naturally to you. This makes the StrengthsFinder 2.0 a perfect career developer. 

The book, published in 2016, puts a strong emphasis on getting better. Additionally, it prompts you to do what you do best every day. Uncover your hidden talents and strengths. 

Think Rich and Grow Rich

Although this book is not new, it still applies to situations in the 21st century. Originally written by Napoleon Hill in 1937, the book was remastered in 2016 to fit the modern world. 

The book takes a holistic approach, not just in steps to follow to become rich but also to be successful in life. So, if you want to be successful in your career, you should strongly consider picking up this book. 

The book is fairly short, and it offers tremendous value for money. It goes far beyond the realm of money to help you think differently without misplacing your energy. While reading this book, you will learn the power of thought, the subconscious, and purpose, just to mention a few. All of these lessons will help you shape the course of your life, including your career.  

Designing Your Life; Build a Life that Works for You

Many people go through life with a lot of questions, constantly searching for the right answers. For instance, one popular question that people ask when growing up is, ‘what do I want to become when I grow up?’ 

Do you have an answer to this question? Or are you at the crossroads wondering which direction to take? The authors of this book, Dave Evans and Bill Burnett used their vast skills and expertise to help you figure exactly what you want and ways to get it. 

What Color is Your Parachute

This book is meant for those in career development looking to improve their current craft. Also, it is designed for job seekers. The first edition of the book was printed back in 197 by Richard Nelson Bolles. But since then, it has been revised and republished several times, including one in 2020, to fit the modern world. 

The book has been praised by many for its career insights. With over 10 million copies sold in 28 countries, the book offers guidance and up to date information advice for those looking for jobs today. 

Not only that, but it has been named one of the best non-fiction books of all time. Apart from its popularity, there are many reasons why you should pick up this book to help you in your career development process. 

For one, the book details a technique called the Flower Exercise. This unique and self-invented technique by Richard N. Bolles himself will help you design your career around your life. This means that as you work, you get to keep your passions, interests, and skills closer than before. 

The book doesn’t stop there as there it offers many of essential tips that you will find impressive and practical to your work life. For instance, the author narrates the importance of drafting professional cover letters and resumes to boost your odds of landing that job if you are a job seeker.

For this reason, you should strongly consider using professionals to help you with your resume. According to surveys, doing so increases your chances of securing that job by 60%. And even better, it’s as easy as going to your web browser and typing in resume help near me.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Although this self-help book is the oldest on this list, it is also one of our generation’s most important books. Originally published in 1936, Time Magazine declared this book number 19 as the most influential book of all time, and rightly so.

The author was a businessman in 1912. However, a publishing firm decided to take the author’s 14-week course on human relations and public speaking and publish it. 

What the book will do for you with regards to career development is tremendous. To mention a few, the book will help you get out of a mental rut, increase your popularity as you make friends quickly and easily. It will also help you influence people as you avoid arguments and complaints. 

Overall, the book will make you better at what you do. If you don’t believe me, Warren Buffett took the same course when he was 20 years old and still holds the principles in high regard today. 


Career development enables employees to find out more about themselves, including aspects of their work. This is done to help them manage their time efficiently by improving their capabilities. 

These books are not meant for those currently employed, but those who have recently retrenched and other job seekers. If you wish to develop your career, you should consider reading any one of these books. 

Not only will you get better at your work, but your life in general. Your perspective, work ethic, and approach to life will change massively for the better.

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