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1Q84 tells about the process of a leftist organization transforming into a sect of madmen and murderers, referring to the Aum sect – the sect that caused the terrible poisoning in the subway system. in Tokyo in 1995 killed 12 people and hundreds of people suffered severe mental and physical consequences.

When explaining the novel’s intentions, Haruki Murakami said he wanted to warn people about the dangers of orthodoxism and the tendency to emerge from sects in the context of the global crisis of the modern world.

So far, in just half a year, the number of prints 1Q84 has reached a record number of 3.23 million copies. Immediately after its release to readers at the end of May this year, the 1Q84 book was immediately scrambled to buy by Japanese people and quickly disappeared from the bookstores, so it had to be continuously reprinted many times.

The 1Q84 novel’s record is even more significant because it is the first literary work since 1990 to win the title of “bestselling book of the year” in Japan.

Prior to that, this title was usually reserved for entertaining reference books, political memoirs or documents. Even this year, too, despite being recognized as the bestseller, 1Q84 is still a little inferior to a book that looks up difficult to read hieroglyphs.

According to writer Haruki Murakami, 1Q84 can be considered as a unique answer to 1984, the novel is considered a classic of British writer George Orwell. (Also in Japanese, the letter Q sounds almost like the pronunciation of the number 9 in English).

Haruki Murakami is 60 years old this year. He is the best-known Japanese writer abroad. All of his novels are selling well, such as The Winding Bird Chronicle, Norwegian Wood, Kafka by the Sea.

He is also considered to be one of the most important candidates for the Nobel Prize in literature in the future, although he once claimed that literary awards were not valued. According to him, the biggest reward for writers is being loved by readers.

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