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13 True Ways

13 True Ways

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13 True Ways creative process led to places we hadn’t expected. Many surprises came directly or indirectly from the Kickstarter experience. When three backers pledged to include one of their magic items in the book, doing justice to their ideas led us to create the game’s first artifacts. When Kickstarter backers voted that they most wanted to learn about Drakkenhall and Horizon, Jonathan came up with an approach that tied some of the new setting ideas to icon relationship rolls.

Similarly, Lee and Aaron tried some stunts with the book’s art that we would never have gotten around to without Kickstarter, notably in Horizon and Drakkenhall. Kickstarter also enabled us to bring in a friend! Twentysome years ago, Robin D. Laws added the unmappable Terminal and the irrepressible Cut-ups to Jonathan’s Over the Edge rpg. In 13 True Ways, Robin joins us with an iconic approach to devils presented in Chapter 5: Deviltry, as well as views of Axis, the Court of Stars, and part of the Drakkenhall writeup in Chapter 3: Courts & Cities.

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