12 Rules for Life PDF free download by Jordan B. Peterson

12 Rules for Life offers 12 tips about life through personal anecdotes, mythological stories, religion, psychology and abstract moral principles. The first rule is “Standing upright”. Jordan B. Peterson thinks that failure is a psychological trap that makes people less happy, sad and anxious, instead of knowing how to protect their emotions and spirits. The author advises each person to choose upright and defiant, accepting responsibility for everything that happens in life with wide eyes.

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

403 Pages · 2018 · 4.63 MB · 52,103 Downloads· English

11 other rules include: treating yourself as though you were responsible for helping, making friends with those who wanted the best for you, comparing yourself to yourself yesterday, not Be someone else today, don’t let your kids do the things you dislike them, put your home in perfect order before criticizing the world, chasing meaningful things, tell the truth or at least don’t lie, believe that the person you’re listening to knows something you don’t know, precise in every word, don’t bother your kids when they’re skateboarding, cuddling a cat when you come across uncle on the way.

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