Lacie’s Secrets by Teresa Sorkin, Tullan Holmqvist ePub PDF download

Lacie’s Secrets by Teresa Sorkin, Tullan Holmqvist

253 Pages – 2022 – 2.0 MB – 1682 Downloads – English

Lacie's Secrets by Teresa Sorkin, Tullan Holmqvist ePub PDF

It was never supposed to have happened. Not like this. A serene summer week with friends was all it was supposed to be. Yet, there it was. A body, oating aimlessly in the murky pool, like a mystical, otherworldly creature, devoid of the life that once pumped through its veins. e stark image was like a still painting; quite beautiful and distant. e harshness of the moonlight accentuated and outlined the body perfectly, its arms spread out like wings, its hair a halo, the blood draining from it, slowly creating a swirl of pink hues in the oval pool. ey had all been swimming and laughing in the pool earlier that evening. Well, most of them had. Some had been preoccupied with the events of the week. None of them ever imagined that one of them would later be back in the pool, lifeless. e body had been alive just a few hours earlier, full of energy and promise. And now, it was just a shell, and soon it would decay, its eyes nothing more than cave dwellings for maggots, its withering skin falling off, leaving only bones to be reclaimed by the earth. Yet this very moment was special because everything looked peaceful.

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