The Madness Locker by Eddie Russell ePub PDF download

The Madness Locker by Eddie Russell

321 Pages – 2021 – 1.9 MB – 871 Downloads – English

The Madness Locker by Eddie Russell ePub PDF

WINTER 1941. I would have died when I was ten. But I didn’t, and you would think that that was my good fortune. Except other people that I hold dear died and another paid dearly in my stead for that stroke of luck. And, well, it is a strange and bewildering memory to behold, but back then, as I think of it, and I do think of it often, the shards of a shattered past that reflect on my life today are a constant reminder of how an orderly, ordinary life unravelled violently. It did so with such ferocity, and that may be the salve that quiets my troubled conscience; that no one, least of all me, had time to prepare or plan. The irony is that had my life not imploded I would not be here and the events that unfolded would have never happened.

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