101 Primary Care Case Studies PDF free download

Details about 101 Primary Care Case Studies: A Workbook for Clinical and Bedside Skills

845 Pages – 2020 – 9.6 MB – 97890 Downloads – English

101 Primary Care Case Studies PDF

101 Primary Care Case Studies PDF free download – This text reminds us of the art of medicine, beyond the requirement to practice by evidence-based medicine. Yes, each case study provides the science and relevant practice guidelines behind a particular and vital diagnosis. To practice medicine solely by evidence alone leads to a risk of recipe-card decisions rather than personalized patient care. Heuristics, when conjoined with evidence, leads to best practice. 101 Primary Care Case Studies enhances this foundational evidence-based content, integrating the artistic touch of medicine by personalizing each case to a real patient. Each chapter includes the unique section, titled Insight from the PCP, which offers a clinician’s pearls of wisdom about bedside manner and achieving optimal patient outcomes based on science and first-hand experience. The book’s collection of pearls alone offers tremendous value to the reader seeking to guide patients toward the best health outcomes. As it is written for primary care providers, this text emphasizes the appeal our career offers. In primary care, we have the privilege to develop patient relationships that extend across the lifespan. Representing these cradle-to-grave lives, the case studies in this book read as stories from the family. Only primary care expects a consistent patient relationship that celebrates births, school events, sporting achievements, graduations, marriages, promotions, relocations, retirements, and bereavements, with all the successes and disappointments along the journey. Clinical decisions wrestled in these pages are made with consideration of how it affects the individual life of a patient at a particular time. By reading only a handful of case studies herein, one comes away with how each patient deserves an individualized approach via team-based care with full consideration of the person’s current life circumstances. That approach epitomizes why we in primary care love what we do.

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