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101 Conversations in Intermediate English PDF

101 Conversations in Intermediate English PDF free download – If you’ve ever tried speaking English with a stranger, chances are it wasn’t easy! You might have felt tongue-tied when you tried to recall words or verb conjugations. You might have struggled to keep up with the conversation, with English words flying at you at 100mph. Indeed, many students report feeling so overwhelmed with the experience of speaking English in the real world that they struggle to maintain motivation.

The problem lies with the way English is usually taught. Textbooks and language classes break English down into rules and other “nuggets” of information in order to make it easier to learn. But that can leave you with a bit of a shock when you come to actually speak English out in the real world: “People don’t speak like they do in textbooks!” That’s why I wrote this book.

101 Conversations in Intermediate English prepares you to speak English in the real world. Unlike the contrived and unnatural dialogues in your textbook, the 101 authentic conversations in this book offer you simple but authentic spoken English that you can study away from the pressure of face-to-face conversation. The conversations in this book tell the story of a detective in London. You’ll experience the story by following the conversations the characters have with one another. Written entirely in spoken English, the conversations give you the authentic experience of reading real English in a format that is convenient and accessible for an intermediate learner (B1-B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference).

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