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100 Simple Secrets of Great Relationships: What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use It

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100 Simple Secrets of Great Relationships – A happy marriage is the destination of a journey that never ends, everyone dreams, but not everyone has it. We all know the way to find happiness is hard, but to be happy in marriage is even more difficult. A marriage formed from a special emotion is called love; however, love and marriage are far from different. When in love, people tend to live with emotions, when they get married, people become more real, and love at that time is the catalyst for the nurturing of marriage. And only the insiders can feel what a truly happy marriage is.

Happiness in marriage is like a drop of water falling on the palm of your hand, if you hold the hand again, that drop will warm, but if you leave it alone, it will flow down and disappear. This means we must know

cherish your marriage relationship with a positive attitude and perspective. Connecting two strangers to each other is not a simple matter. During the process of living together, both have faced and solved many daily events, contradictions and events. As long as one of the two is not skillful, doesn’t really understand the marriage relationship properly, happiness will slip out of hand.

Because of the complexity of the relationship, because the expectations, hopes for private life in everyone are so great, and because it is an indispensable emotional need in life, marriage is favored by many people. center.

Already human, there are few people who do not at least once be thrilled with feelings of love and the desire to live fully with the one they love. In family life, more and more couples are able to avoid conflict and conflict. Therefore, the path to a happy marriage can be said to be very complex, diverse, not subject to any specific principles or criteria. No one can guarantee with certainty that either I or you or someone else will find a fully happy marriage, even though we have been consulted, learned and accumulated some experience before.

Before getting married, most people often build up the prospect of happiness with a peaceful and romantic love. But when entering married life, the prospect disappears to give way to the hustle and bustle of life and, in the end, they often conclude with their own negative view. In fact, we must understand that a happy relationship is never visible and easy to come by. Misconceptions, wrong thoughts about happiness in marriage or subjective to the reality of life will make the marriage break up.

Everyone can understand the reason why, everyone can draw a little experience for themselves, but it is difficult for anyone to give others a suitable solution for each situation because of conflict in relationships. Marriage is very diverse and complex, only insiders know clearly the causes and appropriate and effective solutions. Along with “The Secret of Success” and “The Secret of Happiness”, the book “The Secret Journey of Love” was born by the practical experience of the author, Dr. David Niven, a psychologist. Studies, sociology and teaching professor at universities across America. In this book, each story is a specific situation, both negative and positive, very practical and simple, but the lessons it gives are worth pondering: “A happy marriage is a the relationship of two people who love each other and know how to live “.

Dr. David Niven also discovered that, despite the dizzying changes of the modern world, despite the time gaps between generations and cultural differences between regions, the core issue rotates. Around the emotional needs of people around the world, there are still many similarities. That is why this book is always helpful to everyone, no matter who you are, what you do, how old you are.

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